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Writing For Your Website

How to write compelling copy for your website

Whilst some sites, by nature, do require technical content, most sites don't. It's important to keep the copy simple and easy to read. If your site "speaks" to its visitors in much the same way as you would speak to them in a face-to-face or telephonic situation, you will win most readers over.

Less is more, and simplicity is vitally important.

  • If you waffle on, give them hype and garbage and make them stop to think about what you are trying to say......  yep, you are history!
  • Good web copywriters will include links to more detailed information, if necessary. This gives the reader the option of finding out more if he wants to.
  • Using bulleted lists and short paragraphs are ways of providing quick information, as is
  • Lively humorous copy can be engaging and some copywriters use this style of writing very effectively.
  • Boring, over-bearing copy will send your reader running for cover!

Set the tone for your audience. You can't win 'em all, so the important thing is to focus on your target market and decide what tone would appeal to your audience.

In essence, there is a lot more to good content than meets the eye, so if you want to present a clear and concise message that will grab your readers' attention and generate sales, it's worth investing in the services of a good copywriter.

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