Newsletter Management

Newsletter ManagementMailWorks our managed mailing list service takes care of your regular communication with contacts and clients.

MailWorks will manage the entire process from set-up and importing your contacts database through to designing a professional and branded email template. We customise the newsletter each month, embed the images, create the links to articles on your website or elsewhere on the web, design any banners and slot in graphics, and send the mail.

Personalised messages and interesting subject lines in a professionally designed mail will engage more readers and get you more clicks on to your website content. A regular mail means continuous branding and supports your off-line marketing efforts.


Managed Newsletters

We help you stay in touch with your fans

  • Import your addresses & data from a spreadsheet (MS-Excel)
  • Update existing list with additional data
  • Automated list cleaning
  • Set up sending filters on lists based on contacts criteria and past mail activity
  • Embed a sign-up form into your website
  • Double Opt-In setup and management tool

Mailing List Reports

See what your subscribers do

  • Track subscriber engagement
  • Opens, reads and clicks tracking
  • Geographic location of readers
  • Additional read rates with inferred reads
  • Complaints
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounce reporting

Personalised Messaging

Make it count - address your fans by name

  • Personalise messages and interest grabbiing subject lines
  • Send text versions of HTML message so everyone can read it
  • Create Auto-responders
  • Spam rating tool to ensure the mail is sent to everyone on the list
  • Can spam footer and all the legal requirements
  • Schedule message to select groups for more personalisation
  • Notifications on message statuses


Start communicating right away!

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